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Medication Management

Using medications to treat mental health ailments can be frightening, but at Red Sands, we’re here to help you navigate this precarious process. Medication needs vary greatly and can change over time. Our team will work tirelessly to let you know what to expect when beginning a regimen as well as help carefully manage and assess medication throughout treatment.


Autism Spectrum Disorders

Red Sands specializes in diagnosing, understanding, and flourishing with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Paige is passionate about helping families understand behaviors to create the most holistic approach to care. We also specialize in finding appropriate medications to treat clients on the spectrum.


Genetic Testing

Everyone is unique and your care should reflect that! At Red Sands, we specialize in genetic testing to determine the absorption, metabolization, and dispersion of medication through liver pathways. With these genetic-based insights, we can determine which medications best fit your unique needs and ultimately create the best care plan possible.


Adolescent & Child Treatment

Mental health is important at all life stages, but perhaps at no time is it more critical than the formative years of childhood & adolescence. Red Sands Psychiatry specializes in working directly with youth to meet challenges head-on and become the best versions of themselves.


Spravato Treatment

Spravato (esketamine) is a rapid-acting antidepressant that can help those with treatment-resistant depression or major depressive disorder with suicidal ideation/thoughts. At Red Sands, we have trained staff who administer this treatment in a calm, environment in our office where we often pair treatment with a psychotherapy session. Contact our team to learn more.



Living with ADD or ADHD means managing a swathe of ever-changing symptoms. Regardless of behaviors, patterns, or symptoms, we provide custom-tailored treatment focused on understanding your unique needs, organizing and accomplishing tasks (big or small), and confidently managing focus.


Recovery Medicine

If you or a loved one is battling addiction, on the path of clean living, or fighting for sustained sobriety, get an ally on your side. We offer judgment-free, personalized care plans to help clients be at their very best.



Red Sands Psychiatry offers psychotherapy for all mental illnesses for people of all ages. Our personalized care focuses on helping clients understand their disorder(s) and ultimately manage & improve their mental health.


Traumatic Events

A one-time or ongoing traumatic event can have a profound impact on someone’s mental and physical health. Whether you or a loved one have faced mental and or physical abuse, neglect, suffer from PTSD, or any other form of trauma, Red Sands Psychiatry is dedicated to providing supportive therapy. 

Not a one size fits all kind of person? Contact Us!

"Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all."
Bill Clinton

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