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Meet Paige

Paige Marshall is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner - Board Certified and a provider at Red Sands Psychiatry.


Depression,  Autism,  Anxiety,  ADHD,  Bi-Polar Disorder,  Medication Management.


Paige is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Board Certified (PMHNP-BC) serving patients of all ages and diagnoses. Her background of more than 20 years of experience in medicine offers her a wealth of first-hand experiences, giving her an unmatched skillset in both understanding medical systems and in providing mental health care. 


Professionally, she has a history of diverse roles in numerous care settings, from volunteering in a local ER at 16 to working multiple years as a CNA and Emergency Technician, to eventually working as an RN for over ten years in the hospital and skilled nursing setting. Throughout these years of experience, she faced numerous situations where understanding and recognizing a patient’s mental health was essential. In these care situations, she developed an indomitable passion for mental health, ultimately leading her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Nursing at Vanderbilt University to obtain her Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in 2017.


In addition to her practical experience, Paige has a unique ability to connect with individuals, a capacity to understand them, and the empathy to meet them where they are. She is genuine, warm, and exuberant and thrives on seeing others succeed. She is also direct, honest, and to the point. When working with Paige, you have a straightforward, dedicated ally on your side.


Paige firmly believes in collaboration when creating an effective individual treatment plan. First and foremost, this includes mutual trust and respect with the patient, open, honest, and effective communication with other medical providers, and (when appropriate) additional involvement with other encouraging/positive relationships. Paige also welcomes and encourages feedback, believing it provides growth for all parties.


Paige enjoys serving patients of all ages and with any mental health concern. However, she specializes in working with individuals with Autism, ADHD, and Bi-Polar Disorder. She also specializes in medication management and is well versed in utilizing genetic information to assist with recommending medication.​


When not in the office, she loves getting out into nature, 4-wheeling, and camping; she considers the mountains her second home! She also enjoys relaxing and swimming with her kids (although the relaxation part can be rare). Paige also loves to travel and experience new cultures and locations first-hand. Paige LOVES all things detail-oriented and, as a result, is an avid party planner always trying to give those around her a memorable experience.


While mental health has always been an essential piece of health care, Paige doesn’t believe it has always been treated as such; she hopes to drive that change. She dedicates herself to helping others optimize their abilities to function and enjoy their life. Accordingly, she is a proponent of continuing education and frequently attends conferences, peer gatherings, and other educational opportunities to help her grow as a provider. A mantra she lives by comes from a beloved mentor who said: 


“The practice of medicine is called practice because as providers, we are striving to find a solution, and that takes practice.”

Inside the office


You can get in touch with Paige by calling our office or by email. We look forward to meeting with you!

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